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Completely unsure of what the cost of advertising on Instagram is? Stop worrying. Starting to make money on Instagram can seem daunting, but we promise you it is easier than it looks. We will show you the different ways to advertise, and of course the pro’s and con’s of each, how to decide which pages you want to advertise on, as well as how to determine what your advertising budget should be based on those pages. Your key to proper spending is here! Learn more >


Ever heard of L4L or S4S? Nope? Its okay, we hadn’t either. But now those 3 letter abbreviations are apart of our everyday vocabulary and have drastically changed our Instagram game. Learn how to grow your page organically, gain real followers who keep your page active and discover the value of having real relationships with your followers.


Hashtags are a HUGE part of the social media world. As simple as they may seem, hashtags can either help your page sink or float. We will teach you how many you should use, the best ones for your page and how to use them properly and to your advantage. Lets us show you the tips and tricks we have learned over the years and soon you’ll be hastag pro. #HOWCOOLISTHAT Learn more >

Become an influencer

Step foot onto the battlefield that is social media. Bring with you your trusted armor too, because it can get messy. Being an influencer begins with have a go-and-get-it attitude. Grinding is a thing! We will show you how to properly reach out to prospective paying brands, give you tips on how to make sure your profile is set up correctly so that prospectors who come across your page will know your available for hire, and how to keep that skin of yours thick when your marketing messages are declined. Learn more >


Have a group of 10 or more people that want to learn how to grow their page, sell ads, properly hashtag or become an influencer? Look no further friends because we travel to you! Seminars are a great way for you and your friends to personally connect with us and ask us all your questions. We guarantee that you will leave feeling like you can pull that sword out of the stone and successfully slay the Instagram world. Learn more >


Instagram is the most prominent photo sharing social media platform. Your profile is a snapshot into your life and brand. First impressions are everything. Let us help you design a page with content that will leave a one of a kind impression on your viewers. With our on staff photographer (he is amazing!!!) and our creative content strategies we will help you engage your audience and improve follower interaction. Learn more >