Hey! I'm Michelle and I'm a Millennial who loves Instagram, coffee and Crossfit!

I’m a millennial who thinks that sitting at a desk sucks and that the freedom of time and travel is worth more than any 6 Figure-I work in an office with a coffee break room and talk at the water jug, clock in and clock out-kind of job. BORING! I have grown pages from 200k to 2.1 Million in 2 years. We’ve turned 6 figure profits all 3 years in business and our goal? To help my clients get out of the rut they’re in, actually make money selling their products, know how to sell and bring in money on their own pages, and tell their corporate boss that they are hanging up their suits for lululemon and coffee in the morning after their workout.

Michelle Berman of Berman Media Pd LLC

Hey You! #turnup The Volume!

``You are better off trying something and having it not work and learning from that than not doing anything at all.``

-Mark Zuckerberg


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