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Our theory?

If you want to find success on Instagram you need to be classily aggressive and hard nosed.

Hey! I'm Michelle and I'm a Millennial who loves Instagram, coffee and Crossfit!

I’m a millennial who thinks that sitting at a desk sucks and that the freedom of time and travel is worth more than any 6 Figure-I work in an office with a coffee break room and talk at the water jug, clock in and clock out-kind of job. BORING! I have grown pages from 200k to 2.1 Million in 2 years. We’ve turned 6 figure profits all 3 years in business and our goal? To help my clients get out of the rut they’re in, actually make money selling their products, know how to sell and bring in money on their own pages, and tell their corporate boss that they are hanging up their suits for lululemon and coffee in the morning after their workout.

Michelle Berman of Berman Media Pd LLC

Whether you need to learn how to even start an Instagram, are already 5000 followers in but totally stuck, or are a guru but want to learn how to turn your page into a page that can bring in 6 figures of income from selling, promoting and growing other people pages then look no further friends. If you’re this far into reading this then you’re probably an entrepreneur at heart, want to smash the Instagram game, and are ready to hit the kick ass button on promoting your brand or product. Oh and if you’re not? You should be.

Michelle Berman Owner and Founder of Berman Media Pd

Michelle Berman

Owner & Founder

I graduated college in 2012 thinking I would strike it rich fresh out considering I graduated from an amazing high class school. HAHA Nope! That didn’t happen. Instead? I got a marketing job, that ended up being door to door and crappy, was the top sales manager in the north east and made a staggering 300-500 a week. Paid my car payment with my credit card and lived off the dollar store.

I then followed my heart back home to California in 2014, fell in love, and started working for PR firm that made my skin crawl. Employees were hoity toity, entitled and down right self-indulged. No thanks. I lasted 6 months. It was only when I sat at the Olive Garden dinner table across from my Mother-in-law that I realized that if I focused solely on my part time gig of helping business with their social media presence that I could maybe find some money in my bank account.

Well I did. Fast forward to today and I’m 27, making 6 figures working from home where I get to play with my dog in the morning while drinking coffee and watching the Today show. It takes guts friends. But as they say in all those fun Instagram quotes, “Be fearless in the pursuit of what set’s your soul on fire.”

Benefits Of Working With Us

Make Money

Make money! We promote brands and products daily. Make that money baby!


We hashtag our faces off for our clients. Oh and we teach them how to do it too duh!

Educate Ourselves

We educate ourselves. The more we invest in our learning the better off our clients are.

How & What

We’re pro’s at the how and what to advertise on Instagram game. We show you how to put your money in the right places.

We Teach

We teach! We make and create content for how-to seminars all over the country. Bring us a room of hungry people (literally and figuratively) and we will jump start your Instagram success.


We grow pages, authentically, and quickly.