[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I have received a lot of questions and emails from people asking me to specify my services and make things a little bit easier to understand as far as what Berman Media PD can do for you and your Instagram page. What a fun question honestly! I love talking about my business and I love feeling like I am putting myself out into the world to help people with their own passions.


Some of you may or may not know how I got my start in the Instagram game, but it’s fun to revisit it from time to time. I began my Instagram career on theme based pages working for a friend who had recently purchased three “themed” pages. He paid me to run and manage all the advertising on the pages. In other words, my job was to sell as much advertising on it as possible to generate some serious cash flow. Alongside having to do marketing emails like some crazy woman to generate interest, I also was in charge of page growth which meant that I had to learn the ins and outs of SFS (share for share) and L4L (like for like). I then spent the next 4 years perfecting it, adapting to the ever changing algorithm, and learning how to create bigger and bigger deals with bigger companies like Fit Tea, Beauty Charcoal, Fashion Nova and many more.


Fast forward to today I am still managing one of the same large themed pages (@bestiefacts which has now over 2.1 million followers) and have been consistently flipping smaller “themed” pages for quick and easy profit along the way. While all of that is AMAZING I have also stepped my love for working with Instagram up a notch and am now offering some new awesome services. Let’s dive into what those are.


What would you be hiring me for?


My goal when a client hires me is to deliver to them what they need and see each individual client as a unique brand. This is important because every client is going to have different goals, different products or services and different guidelines or rhetoric that they want to use. Hiring Berman Media PD can come in two forms.




I offer one on one coaching options for all my clients. This would be hourly phone calls. You can purchase one hour or a package of hours. It’s really up to the client themselves and what they specifically need. Within each coaching session we will strategize and find solutions to the many questions the client may have. Maybe they need help with content creation, how to create content to stay on message, hashtag generation, strategy management, engagement tips or anything else along the way. Before every session we will have a “theme” for the call in place to make sure that we maximize our time in that hour.


Monthly Management:


This is a BIG one! Full monthly management is available. This monthly management really ranges in what is done, again simply because every client is so different. The overview would be full management of posting schedules, content creation and strategy planning, caption creation, hashtag generation and engagement as well as daily engagement practices to ensure targeted and niche based growth. Some clients need different things. Example is some may have a ton of content already made and ready to go, some may need help being more specific with giveaway strategy planning for Instagram as well as messaging help. Each package is customized to specifically fit their needs.


Advertising Planning:


This is a unique offering but the goal with it is to offer clients access to my content creation strategies plus my large advertising platforms. It allows them to combine my coaching with the ability to use my space to advertise their products. It’s a double whammy winner.



Who is the ideal client for Berman Media PD?


  1. Brand or product owners who don’t have “time” to manage content creation, posting, and the hours per day that it takes to make an Instagram page grow and be successful.
  2. New business owners who want to learn how to promote their product and generate traction for it but DON’T have a lot of money that they can spend on advertising right off the bat.
  3. People who are a slave to their corporate 9-5. These are people who want to transition away from having to be in an office all day everyday, and instead want a life of financial freedom, flexibility of time and place, and a pick up and go anywhere lifestyle.
  4. Young entrepreneurs who see themselves being “good” at Instagram but want to learn how to take what they are doing to the next level so that they can make a full time living out of it. They see themselves as “forward” thinking and want to be in an industry that is “outside” the box from the standard office, fresh out of college job.



Berman Media Case Studies:


Fit Pro Entourage:

 For a testimonial on my work directly from the owner of Fit Pro Entourage see here:

(Fit Pro Entourage Instagram Post on Berman Media Pd):


Frank Mendoza (@real_estate_with_frank on Instagram):


Followers: 320 to 392 in less than 72 hours

Likes are up to averaging over 49 per post

Engagement is up almost 18.9%

Follower growth: Up 21.12% in 3 days.

“I have always wanted a service that could help me with my Instagram. Michelle has really delivered and exceeded my expectations. My number of followers has increased from 320 to 392 in 3 days and now I get a lot more likes and comments on each post. What I really appreciate about Michelle is that my followers are REAL people who also share the same interests that I do and they all interact so its not just some robot liking service. She is really helpful and very knowledgeable and I am blessed to have this opportunity to work with her!”



My goal with this post was to be able to connect with my audience and show you guys that Berman Media PD is a working diligently to deliver on its promise of customized and targeted Instagram growth for its clients. My focus has, and always will be to help my clients be able to provide huge value to their followers and in turn help them monetize their Instagram.


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