If you are a part of the social media world, you should be very familiar with the famous hashtag symbol. Most of us grew up with this symbol as a number sign and the pound sign but in 2007, Chris Messina asked his followers “how do you feel about using # (pound) for groups. As in #barcamp.” BOOM #hashtags became a thing on twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, every other major social media/digital platform and most importantly #INSTAGRAM. Hashtags are now used everywhere and anywhere. They are a #major key to building and developing your social media platform and can take your page from sour to sweet real quick.

Hashtags can be a fun way to make jokes, brag about how cute your dog is and tell people you are using #nofilter or that you #iwokeuplikethis. However when you use a hashtag you are doing so much more. You are giving instagram the tool it needs to categorize and organize your content. For instance if you post a photo of your Pitbull and put the #pitbull in your caption and or you comments your photo will now be connected to every post that has ever used that hashtag. Because of these awesome hashtags and their magical powers your content is more likely to get more likes, gain new followers and increased engagement with a large and targeted audience. Thats right, hashtags are now officially your social media BFF.

Here are 4 things you should know about hashtags so you can take advantage of all the magical powers #hashtags have.

Hashtag magic doesn’t work on private pages. If you’re page is on private you are making a big mistake and your page will not be very successful. You want and need your page to be public so new users can have access to your page.

Post with 11+ hashtags get the most engagement on Instagram.

You can only use 30 hashtags per post. Yup, you read that right, only 30. You don’t need to include 30 on every post but just remember the more you use the more opportunities you have for engagement.

Stay on top of hashtags, do your research, see what hashtags are #trending and update yours every month.

Now that you know what a #hashtag is you are on your way to becoming a hashtagging pro and are ready to take on the instagram world one (or 30) hashtags at a time. Have fun with it, be creative and don’t be afraid to see what magical powers you can unlock for your page with your new BFF. We just dipped our toes in the water but you my dear are on your way to calling yourself a Gryffidor of hashtags.



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