[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]In 2018 I set a goal for myself to watch more webinars, learn MORE from NEW people and to try and find ways to save myself time in the day to day. Essentially I wanted to ensure that I could actually get MORE work done in less time.


In my day to day I have A LOT of planning to do. Every client needs content to be created for them, pictures and captions to be perfected, brand messages to be delivered and so much more. I found myself spending SO much time on these things that I ended up having to push back other things to other days because I simply RAN OUT of time. I was honestly burnt out at the end of the day and needed to make dinner, snuggle on the couch with my pups for five minutes and go to sleep.


Have you ever found yourself “out of time?”


Are you overwhelmed by social media and the “grind” of having to come up with new content everyday while still running your business? I I have to be honest that trying to juggle it all has left me exhausted and frustrated by the end of the week.


Enter the world of social media scheduling tools and my life changed in what felt like overnight. In my ever ending search of “freeing” up my time, I discovered Buffer. Hello, awesome! I wish I could say I created this on my own, but nope, that was some other genius who knew the value that time afforded people like me.


So what is Buffer? Have you ever heard of it? It’s OK if you haven’t, because I hadn’t either!


In short, Buffer is a software application designed to help manage accounts in social networks by providing the means for a user to schedule posts to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin etc. I personally use it for Instagram (for my personal and all my clients) and for my business Facebook page. Buffer is a “smarter” way to share the things that you want and need to share on social media.


Buffer is MAGIC. If you are like me and are managing lots of different Social Media accounts for others, then Buffer is great because you’re making content for lots of different accounts all from one place! I can create and add content to my “queue,” which makes consistent sharing easy! Your fans on social media are looking for you to deliver great content day in and day out regardless of how “busy” you are and Buffer gives you the ability to do that!


Here are 5 things that using Buffer will help you with to get your time back!


1) Desktop Friendly: Buffer allows you to create content on your desktop instead of your phone! How does this help with your time? Well have you ever tried to make content on your mobile device? Yeah! It takes A LOT longer! With Buffer you can create all content for your posts on your desktop which, for me, takes a FRACTION of the time!


2) Plan the layout of your feed: Instead of thinking about what you want to post every day, have an overall strategy already in place so that creating content is easy! Staying on brand is SO important for this! STOP posting whatever picture you feel like. Puppies don’t matter to people following your page for social media advice. So how can this and using Buffer help save you time? If you have a plan, then creating loads of content at one time will be EASY and FAST! Great thing about this, too, is that Buffer also has a “grid” preview feature that you can use to see what your feed will look like when all your “queue” content is posted. AWESOME!


3) Multitasking takes longer! SO STOP IT!: The best piece of advice I have gotten this year so far was to STOP trying to do too many things all at once. Do one, then do the next. Multi-tasking can actually make things take LONGER to do because our brains are constantly having to switch between tasks. So create all your content and schedule it in Buffer on Sunday (whatever day for you, but I love Sundays!) and then each day of the week you are now free to make sure you get your two to three 30 minute sessions of engagement in! Think of them as separate tasks! Do one, then do the other. How does using Buffer with this save you time? Use Buffer to your advantage. Spend an hour creating 7 days’ worth of content, and you will save yourself HOURS during the week. All of a sudden you now have time to make sure you can engage with others.


4) Hashtag crazy!: Create a “note” (I use the notes app on my iPhone) under for piece of content that you are scheduling. In this note I would suggest putting your 30 hashtags you’ve created for that post. Check out my Hashtag Guide!. While creating your sets of 30 hashtags can be time consuming if you make 3 sets of 30 every Sunday when you make content then you are set for the ENTIRE week! Yup, that’s awesome! Do you see how this one will save you time during the week? You no longer have to make a new set of hashtags, plus make a new piece of content every day of the week. JUST do it ONCE per week and now all of a sudden you have A LOT more time during the week for other things and to engage!


5) Re-purpose your posts for other social media platforms: Instead of re-creating new content for each social media platform, you could re-purpose your posts on other platforms for Instagram and vice versa. In my case I use the same content, with sometimes modified captions for my business page on Facebook. This increases the impact of your content and saves you time from creating new content. Best part? You can schedule them all at the SAME TIME! Buffer has given you a platform to do all that.


So there you have five reasons why Buffer is awesome, but stay tuned for another blog article about Buffer. I’m going to show you HOW to actually use it not just why!


Get your week back, re-organize your time, and STOP trying to multitask. Do one thing that will save you time from having to do multiple things! It really is that simple!


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