[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Passion was in my DNA. The air around me in my day to day life seemed to always be whispering “believe”. The word believe came to be the lifeline of my heartbeat. I latched onto it like a tiger to his prey. It really was everything to me. Question became what am I believing in? Passion. Passion was my answer. It changed my perspective on just about everything else I “thought” I wanted to do in business.


Most people dream of being highly successful and making a lot of money right out the gate in their businesses. They read all these articles about how to do this, how to make money this way, how to gain 50k followers in a day etc etc. The problem here is that 99% of these big dreamers will fail because they are un aware of the steps that it takes to get there. It is not magic, it is simply attained by being passionate about the hustle.


My focus with Berman Media PD is Instagram. I specialize in teaching and coaching entrepreneurs who believe in the fire that is Instagram! Do you want to grow your Instagram 10k, 50k or 100,000k followers in a year? Well you can. My proven VIP Hashtag System has done just that for every client! That’s a 100% success rate! I am determined to help every client leverage their pages into major money makers.


My first job out out of college was for a sales and marketing firm selling Direct Energy business to business. Hey don’t judge me it was a job. And it paid my bills…sorta! I was still living paycheck to paycheck and asking for money from my parents on the regular. The 99c store LOVED me. However, what I realized working here was that I was REALLY good at talking to people and I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction with the people I met daily. It was here that my love for client relations was born. I have since effectively applied this love to my business.


Berman Media PD, established in November of 2014, was created with intention of being a relatable and admirable social media company. Not the kind that you hire and never meet the owner. I wanted to walk in the trenches alongside my clients and cut through the mud of growing their business with them. I wanted to be a creator, someone who would be known for being outside the box and someone who people would talk about to their friends at Starbucks. I didn’t want to be a boss that just was hoping for money and then zero emails from my clients. The more emails the better! To date I have made 6 figures all 3 years in business with a 20% gross profit increase each year. Let’s talk about how!


1. Teach your clients as you would do it yourself.


Your clients are everything to your business. You have to nourish every relationship as if it were your only one. Making your Instagram a money making machine means that you have to have clients that want what you are giving them.


Developing a list of clients starts with you being able to transfer your knowledge into someone else and demonstrate results. They do say the best way to tell that you have mastered something is by being able to teach it to someone else AND get the same results! If you can establish an authority in your niche then you are on your way to banking that $2000 dollar a month client and continue to do so with every client after!


It is SO important that if you are trying to teach other people your system to make sure that you have tested, retested and actually LIVED your system. There is nothing worse that you could do then have paying clients who are supposed to be working a system that you yourself don’t know will work. What if they have questions? Would you be able to help them? Make sure that you can ALWAYS answer yes.


Another key here is being available. If you are teaching your clients exactly how to do what you are doing, they are going to have questions. Have a Facebook group where everyone can come together and discuss, connect with others who are also clients and continue learning.


2. Be a #hashtagging boss


Growing my business was a struggle at first. That’s all honesty. So what did I do? Naturally I did everything I could to learn from pretty much anyone I could on what I was doing wrong. It actually took me testing, changing things, and then re testing them more times then once until I discovered the true power of the hashtag and what a GOOD one that fit the parameters that I needed would do. Making money on your Instagram starts with making sure whatever it is you are doing is in front of the right people.


My suggestion?


Stop looking up the google.com article about what the most popular hashtags are on Instagram. It will fail you if you just choose to use them on every post you post. My signature hashtag guide will give you the step by step directions for hashtag success. It really is a unique system, and want to know what the best part is? IT’S SO EASY!


3. Network your face off


There is nothing in my business that I have done without feeling like it was because I made connections with the right people. I am saying that because in fact it is really true. Every path I have wanted to take my business I did my absolute best to learn from as many other trailblazers that I could.


Message people asking them if you can connect with them on a phone call just to learn about what they are doing. Join as many group boards on Pinterest as you can (Pinterest is a great tool to help you grow you base of website views too!) I recommend Melyssa Griffin for all things pinterest! Here is her website http://www.melyssagriffin.com/


I also highly recommend taking advantage of group DM’s on Instagram. If you are more of a Facebook person that of course works too and helps you gain exposure for your Instagram page if you market your comments that way. The chance that you have to create NEW online business opportunities for your business through networking is something I didn’t really understand until I dove in head first.


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    1. Thanks John! Feel free to check out the guide now that it is available! Would love to see you succeed on Instatgram quickly!

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