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Michelle Berman has 4 years of hands-on experience in the Instagram Growth and Advertising world. In her 4 years she has grown nearly 50 accounts to well over 100k followers, with her biggest one to date surpassing 2 million. She has spent years perfecting the best methods to buy advertising, sell advertisements, and grow Instagram accounts. In a world where algorithm updates and feed changes reign supreme it is imperative to stay relevant, now more then ever.


Back in 2013 I recall sitting at Olive Garden with my now fiancé and mother-in-law and being encouraged to branch out on my own. I thought to myself, “I I think I can do it better on my own, so shouldn’t I try?” The next morning, I quit my job at a local PR firm and took on the journey of entrepreneurship.


I remember the first few months being truly the scariest and hardest months of my life. One thing was for sure though, I COULD do better on my own, and I was already proving it.


I quickly discovered the power of Instagram and its ability to not only help me make a ton of money, but also to be able to pay that buck forward and help thousands of other people just like me do the same. Over the years I was able to create a system and set off guidelines that would go on to help hundreds of clients begin to also leverage their presence on this incredible platform. I will share that with you, but what you are about to discover is just how SIMPLE it is to grow your own accounts in an authentic, targeted manner with engagement as the primary focus. No longer will you have to pay for a bunch of shout outs on other pages in order to grow. Something people have been searching for for years, is what I have created for YOU!


While I specialize in the growth field of Instagram through a targeted hashtagging strategy, I have also invested an immense amount of time in perfecting how to sell advertising on the platform. Things like knowing how to choose the right pages for your ad, how to determine how much you should be paying for an ad on that particular page and much more. I can even teach you how be turn your following into a money making machine through proper marketing contact methods. I have made a living combining the power of all that this platform has to offer. My upcoming Instagram Monetization Master Class will soon give you access to all that information and much more.


Now let’s talk about my 100k in 365 days Launch Method. I’m going to establish 4 ways that I make this program successful for all my clients.


1) Finding your Niche, and not straying from it


The biggest battle I have faced with working with clients is not that they don’t WANT to be successful its that they are un sure of what their actual vision is for their company. It is here that I urge them to focus and be SPECIFIC! Instagram rewards people for being direct.


I am an Instagram Influencer Coach. You will see that in the bio of my Instagram account @bermanmediasocial. What this does for me is it gives me the best chance to be found by the people I ACTUALLY want to be interested in what I am doing. If I broadened it to just Instagram Entrepreneur, I would be lumped with a group of a lot people who really don’t matter to me as far as generating new clients.


2) Choosing Hashtags that actually can help you gain traction


Are you one of those people who have read articles about the most used hashtags on Instagram? Well let me be the first to tell you that those hashtags, aka #love, #socialmedia and a bunch of others, will NOT help you when you are trying to grow your page.


Curating a list of 30 hashtags (the maximum that you can use on any post) is and should be something you spend a significant amount of time on when you are working to organically grow your page. Target hashtags in this that match your niche. I will use myself as an example here. I target the word Instagram and Influencer in a vast majority of the hashtags I choose. My favorite is #instagramforbusiness which I like to use instead of using something like #instagram. Why is this better for me? Well for one it is MUCH more specific. I am no longer lumped in a group of people that I don’t want to be in. Another example? I use #instagramtips and #instagramstrategy in almost every post. This allows me to directly reach the people who I want to be connected to.


Stay AWAY from hashtags that have more that 300,000 uses. You are wasting your time if you incorporate these into your grouping of 30. Instagram works like Facebook, the more activity on your posts means that your post will stay higher in the feed LONGER. My #Hashtagging Like a Boss Workbook goes into this in much further detail.


3) Engagement will always reign supreme


Here we have arrived at the single most important part of your growth strategy. In my workbook I give detailed step by step directions on how to be a boss at engagement and not in the robotic “cool” way.


Engagement means connecting and communicating with others on the platform. Liking people posts within your niche, and even some who aren’t that just are doing things that tickle your fancy.


Commenting. This is a big one! I have seen SO many apps out there that are automatic commenters for people. It’s a robot and it doesn’t work. In fact, as an Influencer myself I find it HIGHLY annoying when someone comments on my post with “cool pic” and it’s a video. I’m sorry but what? My encouragement to you is to watch the video. Look at the picture you are commenting on and READ the caption. Take the 10 seconds that it takes to comment with real feelings and words. Be honest, tell them you resonate with them, tell them that you drink coffee outside with your dogs before getting to work mode every morning too. Be real and the engagement you want will be returned.


4) The work is easy. Follow the system, on repeat


Part of growing your page to that 100k mark and beyond is that it takes work. Not the kind of work you can do for 5 min in the morning and 5 min at night before you go to bed. This is something that must be done hourly throughout your work day. I like to spend the first 10 min of every hour liking and commenting on people’s posts.


I actually have found joy in being able to connect with others in this manner. Be relentless in this pursuit. I can promise you that if you use the steps in my system that the growth you want is very possible. The clients you have been hoping for will come.


So by utilizing the 100k in 365 days Launch Method and the steps provided to you, you will drive targeted followers to your page and see the results you are looking for. This is what we do inside the ‘100k launch’ for our clients and what I did to reach 2 million on my personal accounts.


In my opinion, having your primary focus be on engagement and how high your ratio of likes+comments to followers is, is the BEST strategy to turn your Instagram page into a page that will have clients running to your DM box for business with you. If you’re selling a product, regardless of what it is, this strategy can turn your low profiting company into one that will have EVERYONE’s attention.


Now remember, being connected to your following in a genuine, and even vulnerable way sometimes is a GOOD thing! People will resonate with you and your company if they feel like they can connect with you. Give them something to connect with and do it daily!



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