[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]You have all probably heard people talk non-stop about how important engagement is for page growth and I would be doing you a dis-service by saying anything other than the fact that this is true. However, I have really come to believe in the true authentic side of the growth game and believe that there are much better ways than others to get the Instagram growth you are looking for.


I am going to share with you 3 unique tips that I use to help ensure that my page growth is authentic and relevant to my brand. It is so important to not simply think of growth coming in any form but to think of growth as something that needs to be on message and not just a number. I also want to share with you something that I WONT do anymore for page growth, and WHY I wont do it.


Engagement Tips you NEED to know….


1) WHAT kind of posts I should be seeing on my explore page…


Your explore page is a GREAT way to be seen by people who are similar to your niche as well as see who the people you follow are engaging with. I highly recommend using your explore page daily as a go to resource.


When you are on your explore page you should see a very similar style of posts to your own if you are doing it right! If you are like me and running and Instagram Influencer/ Instagram growth business and are seeing clothing store sales posts then you might be on the wrong track. I see a lot of posts similar to mine in the realm of women in business, Instagram marketers, business coaches, life coaches, women empowerment and lady boss lifestyle posts.


If you are not seeing posts that align with your brand then you are likely following and engaging with the wrong kind of pages which can and will actually slow your page growth down significantly. I tell my clients that your explore page should really be in line with your brand and if it’s not then re-evaluation needs to happen on who you are following and engaging with!

2) How to “follow” with intention


Following other pages with intention is SOOO important! I cannot even stress this enough! I really think that choosing pages to follow is something that shouldn’t be done on a whim aka don’t be a follow for follow kind of person.  If you are just following people to get them to follow you back with no intention of engaging on their content ever then it is a waste of your time and theirs!


I simply don’t believe in the follow for follow method because I think it gives a false sense of look how many followers I have. One thing my assistant and I have discovered over the last year of testing this theory is that there is a ton of work that goes into the “follow for follow” tactic and the outcome ends up being more un-follows then people who actually follow because they care. The result is a roller coaster of Instagram page growth where one day you think you are killing it because you have gained 30 followers and you wake up the next morning and more than half of them are gone.


I tested this using the Followers Pro app which shows me exactly who my new followers were, who Un-followed me as well as the people who are following me that I am not following.


My suggestion on this is to ONLY follow people who you foresee yourself either engaging with, taking advice from, or genuinely being interested in. One tactic that I use and encourage my clients to use is creating a List of the top 20-30 pages relevant to their niche and engaging on ALL of them daily. If that is all you have time for during your day then you can still bet you will be going in the right direction for you Instagram page growth and it will done with authenticity.  


3) How engaging with your “top” niche people is a sure fire way to target your growth


If we want active Instagram followers and to grow our page in a targeted manner then we must focus on people who are also doing the same thing. Part of what I teach my client’s is working efficiently when they are trying to grow their Instagram. Smarter not harder am I right?!


To piggy back off the lists idea that I spoke about in the second tip, I have my client’s create their top 20-30 TOP people in their niche and have them as a list in their PeopleMap account. After this is done they are pretty much in the best network they could ever want to be! So how can they optimize it even more?


This is the secret….not anymore though! If you engage on each of your 20-30 TOP people on that List you created then there is one step further you can go to stay super targeted in your Instagram growth game. Check out all the people who liked that persons most recent post and engage with all of them! This is the like the sales funnel of authentic page growth for your Instagram. Why? If you are engaging with people who are liking your TOP people’s posts then clearly they are interested in your line of work as well.


What I WONT do for Instagram Growth


Going to keep this one simple for sake of this blog and will dive into it more heavily in another article…


I will never try and grow my Instagram in a telegram pod and I will never try and grow my Instagram in a random huge Facebook group that is un-targeted and generic. Don’t waste your time in any group that is not niche specific.

Lots more on Facebook groups I recommend and why I DON’T believe “get big quick” Instagram growth tactics in next weeks blog….


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