[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The first 90 days of your Instagram page growth adventure are really important because they are indicative of how the rest of it will go. I promise to explain that in detail later in this article…but for now it is important to NOT think about those 90 days as one giant undertaking, but instead as a bunch of little, day to day tasks that end up providing big results.


Perhaps the most important thing about the first 90 days of your Instagram growth game is having a clear intention and goal in mind as well as your willingness to take intentional time out of your day to make it happen. Sounds weird right? Intentional time during my day…well of course!? But no….a lot of people struggle with doing this and then wonder why their growth DOESN’T happen. Or happen fast enough.


I can’t tell you how many people I talk to about Instagram who have come to me with the goal of “I want more followers, I want to get 10,000 followers, I want to get more likes and more comments.” The problem with this is not that it is an unrealistic goal, but that it is one without any substance. My response to them is simple…WHY? Why do you want these followers, WHY do you want to hit 10,000 and WHY does this matter for you or  your business?


What is your end game?


This is the first question that anyone looking to grow their Instagram account should be asking themselves.


Do I want more website views, do I want more email subscribers, do I want more sales of a product, or do I want more clients for services I offer? “You won’t know that you have met your goals unless you set goals.” Amen to that! With every client that comes to me for work I sit with them to discuss exactly what their goal is. Just yesterday I met with a new membership client about her cookie business and how she wants to use her Instagram to help her sell more. Awesome right?! YES! She was and is a dream client because she came to me WITH a very specific goal. Sell more custom made, gorgeous cookies! What I loved about this meeting (other than she was just an awesome person) was that she never once said, “I just want to get to 5k followers because that has to be the magic number for me to sell more right?”


What is the Step By Step Process That I Need to Take?


There is no magical system for how to work your page to make it grow faster or better than the next guy. There is however something called diligence that will certainly help ensure that you keep moving forward in the direction you want to go.


My biggest advice is to create a system that works for you. I recently read an article by James Clear about how you can create systems to help you reach your goals. James discussed that, “goals are good for planning your progress and systems are good for actually making progress.”


When you have goals and then break them down into milestones (like how I talked about not thinking about the 90 days as being one giant undertaking) and then create daily action plans about how to reach them as well as the WHY and your end game behind it all, then you can lay out your systems to smash whatever goal you have created.


Here is my breakdown for you…note im doing “milestone goals” as well as END game goals with action plans associated to them.


Sample 90 Day plan


End game: Generate sales for my business directly through my Instagram Page


Milestone Goals:

  • 30 days: Increase engagement rate by 2% in the first 30 days
  • 60 days: Have generated sales from page and have numerous DM’s regarding my services
  • 90 Days: Increase my sales by 10%


System Steps:

  • Ensure content is created with brand messaging in mind
  • Create content calendar and understand scheduling tools
  • Perfect and understand the purpose of hashtags and how to choose them effectively for my audience
  • Create a story template for each category and how to use them for optimal page viewing
  • Analyze analytics of my account to make sure I am posting at peak times for post performance
  • Create a daily routine for hashtag and post engagement. Strategies involving commenting, liking etc.


The above is just an outline. Every page will have different goals, different end games as well as different systems that work for them. For me creating a daily routine goals has made my road to significant growth MUCH easier, much more effective and has left me less fearful of the BIG that I have for my company and page. It is important to have the end game goal written down, to share it with people and to have an understanding of the WHY behind creating that goal.


Also important to note is that you SHOULDN’T beat yourself up if you don’t attain your goals spot on. Goals are exactly that Goals. They are not things that should make you lose your hair, not sleep or shut down your business because you don’t reach them. Find an accountability partner (for me it is my awesome DM group of girls who are all in my similar niche of work) that you can check in with daily or weekly.


The first 90 days of your Instagram growth process is really a giant learning curve and the systems that you create initially is something that may grow and change over time. Don’t be afraid to research other people doing what you are trying to do either! If they are doing something really well then send them a message and tell them. They may even have advice or as my last blog article talked about, constructive criticism for you to take and implement.


Most of all? Enjoy the process of developing a MUST have for your business!


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