[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Have you ever asked yourself WHY you make decisions? Or WHY you choose to pursue certain things and not others? How about figuring out WHY you WANT to do something? Figuring out your why is a huge deal and can really change the trajectory of your business.


I figured out my why just a few weeks into to beginning my work with Instagram clients. At this point in my career I was 24, employed by a corporate PR company…and hated it. I was also doing some Instagram stuff for a friend of mine from the gym on the side, simply for extra money because California (where I lived at the time) was SO expensive. Less than a month into doing my “side” work I quickly came to the realization that this side work didn’t have to remain as just something I did on the side. What I realized was that this work I was doing was extremely rewarding, lit a fire in my creative bones and also allowed me to work from….anywhere.


As I discovered more and more about the Instagram world I continued to realize that it would allow me to achieve a lifestyle I had really only hoped of and never actually thought was attainable. I didn’t like working in an office…never had. I preferred wearing Lululemon all day every day and NOT stuffy and way to tight business professional clothes with heels that hurt my feet within 20 minutes. I also liked being able to go to the gym whenever I wanted (as a competitive crossfiter the times for training vary daily sometimes!) without being worried about having to race out of there. Lastly, once I discovered that being a part of the world  of Instagram would allow me to travel the world whenever I wanted all while still being able to work and make a legit living….I was completely hooked.


I am writing this article while sitting on a plane to Manchester, UK and couldn’t help but feel a sense of elation knowing that my WHY behind leaving corporate America and doing my own thing was still the same. Nearly 4 years later my reasons for wanting to do things on my own are still very much true.


There are 3 things that stand out when I think about my WHY and I want to share them with you. If they resonate with you then great…if not…hopefully you can at least see why for some people this is a great life!


Creative Freedom


One of the things that truly made me realize why I needed and wanted to work for myself was the ability to have creative freedom with my clients. There is nothing worse to me than feeling trapped in a box, unable to create freely based on new trends or techniques that you feel would suit your client.


I remember being in my old companies office on morning and having an “idea” for a client that I was really excited about. I brought this idea to the owner and was quickly shot down and told to “refer to the manual we gave you on the 3 variations you can choose from.” What an awful feeling in my opinion. The corporate belief of we have to simply do what the client paid for and nothing else is not something I could ever get on board with. Being able to make a decision without having to get permission was a quality that I felt I deserved based on my experience, but could never get!


As an independent business owner now my favorite thing is being able to run new, fresh, FORWARD thinking ideas by my client and hearing them say, “YES! That sounds awesome and nobody else has done that!” That is what it is all about for me!


Freedom of Time


The next thing for me that was a very attractive quality of working for myself was the flexibility of time.


I am a competitive crossfiter and train sometimes twice a day. This doesn’t exactly suit the standard 9-5 very well. It was also something that I was un willing to give up as it truly frees my mind to think and is often where I come up with some of my very best ideas for clients. I also love that I can make my own schedule. I can be where I want to be whenever I want to be there. I can work out in the middle of the day. I can get up as early as I want to get work done, or stay up as late as I want if I want to get some extra sleep. Being free to live the life I want has allowed me to be BETTER at my job. This is something that I could have never had working from a cubicle.


#thattravellife Freedom of Location


This is hands down the BEST part of doing what I do. I can truly be ANYWHERE I want to be and be just as productive and successful. Take this very article I’m writing. Sitting on an airplane on my way to Manchester, UK to meet with my business coach and celebrate my 28th birthday in true European style. On a Wednesday. Not taking a “vacation day” or a Paid Day off. I’m actually working, making money just I would sitting in my home office at home.


The fun part for me is knowing that I can mark my calendar FULL of adventures and travel plans and never have to worry about not being able to get work done and make a living. Never have to worry about putting in for days off or asking for permission to go on a vacation or a long weekend away.


My true WHY is the FREEDOM in all areas of my life. The ability to wake up every morning in LOVE with my life and in LOVE with my work. I am a better boss, a better business owner, a better spouse and a better friend. There is nothing that I would ever change for this amazing #laptoplife that I get to live!


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