[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Have you ever wondered how some of the large “memed” Instagram accounts get to where they are? Have you thought they must be fake followers or they are definitely buying all of their likes? Well I am here to tell you that those Influencers who are building these meme based Instagram accounts as a job are definitely not doing either.


I am going to enlighten you on three things that the Influencer’s are doing to help them grow their accounts and why these 3 things are SUPER helpful when it comes to ensuring that their pages are active and their Instagram followers number increases consistently.


SFS (Share for Share is a MUST)


If you have never heard about SFS abbreviated for share for share, then allow me to enlighten you. This is the single most popular way to actively grow an Instagram account and the easiest way to see your Instagram followers increase consistently every day.


Any Instagram account that is over the 100k mark will likely be actively engaging in anywhere from 30-50 SFS or shares per day. Share for shares takes place between two accounts of similar size and activity level. It is very important when working on SFS’ing that it is done between two accounts or relatively equal activity because if not then one share may be more effective than the other leaving it unfair to one party.


Example: If my themed account @bestiefacts which gets anywhere from 60k-100k likes per post in 24 hours does a share with an account that only gets maximum 40k likes her day then I am likely to gain a lot less in the share than the smaller account will gain from me.


So how does the actual share for share concept work? It is SO easy but needs to be paid close attention too. The share for share process begins by having 3-5 images that match your pages theme with a caption associated that ends with something like the following, “Follow @bestiefacts now if you love your best friend. They have the best posts!”  


Each person involved in the share will send their pictures and their caption to the other party and vice versa. Most shares are left up for an hour and then deleted. Therefore, you would post the person you are doing the share with up on your account and they will post yours on their accounts. At the end of the 1 hour you will both delete. While doing your shares influencer’s suggest being on private as your page will grow faster this way.


Doing 30-50 of these shares daily will help you consistently see your Instagram followers increase.


L4L (like for like) and C4C (Comment for Comment)


Like for like groups as well as like and comment groups are also a very popular way to gain and increase your engagement and Instagram followers.


Like for like is exactly as it sounds and it is really effective when done immediately after posting. These like for like groups are often made between networks of big influencer pages with similar niche’s. The purpose is to comment in the group immediately upon posting your content or your ad so that everyone in your group can immediately go an like it within minutes of you posting it.


Why is this important? As we know the new Instagram algorithm is QUIT the nuisance but the best way to combat it is to make sure that those first few minutes after you post your content or an ad for an advertiser you get really fast engagement. The more engagement in those first few minutes the better and the longer your content will stay at the top of the feed.


Comment for comment is the same thing as like for like only difference is instead of just exchanging the likes you are commenting on each other’s posts as soon as they are posted.


Paid Shout-outs


While paying for page growth may seem like something that would cost you a lot more than you would be willing to spend, it really can be a very quick way to get you to the realm of SFS and L4L.


Most influencers will do what we call “flipping” Instagram accounts, which means they use their existing large account (say like 1 million followers +) and use it to grow pages from scratch to then sell to others who can buy them at 100k-200k followers. When people buy them at this size they can immediately join in on SFS and L4L. For more information about flipping Instagram accounts check out this blog post.


However, if you are brand new to the game and have to start from 0 with no big page to help you grow, the quickest and most effective way to see your Instagram followers increase is to buy paid shootouts on large pages. Typically an hour paid post can gain you a few hundred, sometimes a thousand plus depending on the page you bought the hour promotion from. If you are someone that fits into this category and want to get started on learning how to know what pages to buy from, then shoot me an email and we can discuss coaching options!


It is very helpful to learn from someone who has been there and grown pages from scratch. My suggestion here is to not reinvent the wheel, but to simply learn someone who has done it, and then replicate it.


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