[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Welcome to the precarious world of flipping Instagram accounts. To date I have made almost $40,000 doing this and that was in just five accounts sold. So, you do the math. That means I averaged $8,000 PER Instagram account that I was able to flip.


$8,000 Per Account? SAY WHAT?


There are many moving parts when it comes to “flipping” an Instagram account. For comparison I will explain it in terms of real estate flipping. Everyone knows about that, right?

There are three BIG parts to every account flip. I want to take you into detail in each one but that would take us was way past this blog article and deep into my soon to come Instagram Master Class course.


1) Find a Reputable Buyer


Much like in real estate, it is imperative that you find buyers who are authentic and not in it to waste your time, or your money. You don’t want to put a ton of time into building, renovating, and marketing just to have someone low ball offer you, or present an offer and then not be able to back it up with the cash. In the Instagram world there are four main kinds of account buyers.


• An Ad agency
• Store Owners
• Bloggers
• Individuals who are looking to break into the Instagram market


It is important to be able to recognize what kind of buyer you are dealing with because each one will have different purposes for it. Being knowledgeable about what your buyer is looking for will dramatically help your chances of actually selling it to them.


2) Know the “Value” Of Your Account


This is the single most important part for you to know about when trying to sell an Instagram account. Real estate flippers do several things before they list a house. They know the comps of other houses in the area, they know how much money they have spent on remodeling and what they need to sell the house for in order to profit, and they know what kind of buyers they are expecting would be interested in a house that they are selling.

Instagram accounts are no different. When going to “flip” an account, all the same rules apply. When thinking about selling we have to take into consideration: page size, page engagement (number of likes) and how long it took to grow it. It’s like a formula for calculating what it would take to profit. My course will go into detail on this and show you exactly how to find the dollar value, and examples of pages I’ve sold!

In general, buyers will look for pages that present continuity and are “growing.” If your 100,000 follower account only gets 3000 likes you will get a lot less than an account getting 10-15k likes. That’s just pure math.


3) How to “Flip” Accounts and Why I Do It


There are a couple reasons WHY I flip accounts. Again, like a real estate flipper, I do it to create an additional revenue stream for my business. I have met many real estate agents in my years who make a killing selling houses, but find their “passion” to be in the flipping side. Therefore, they buy fixer uppers, invest in it, and then flip it. Why? They know what sells, they know the best markets to build for and, well let’s face it, they know HOW to sell houses! My life in the Instagram world is the exact same.

I am going on four years in this wonderful world of Instagram and I feel like I learn something new everyday. I think that’s an amazing thing! What I also think is great is that because I have been in the business for so long my understanding of how to create, build, and monetize accounts is second to none.

I like to think of flipping Instagram accounts as a fun thing because it allows me to build pages that are exciting for me to create content for. Whenever I work with clients on creating accounts to “flip” I have them think about a few things. First being their target demographic, things they know they can post about daily and LOVE, and ensuring that their “theme” is not too niched down. When flipping accounts this is VERY important because a buyer will be more attracted to a page that can offer a larger opportunity for monetization. Pages that are too niched down limit the amount of money that can be made simply because their market of buyers is so much smaller.

I urge you to also keep in mind that when working to “flip” accounts you need to ensure that you don’t sell too early, and don’t sell the account that is helping you “create” the new accounts. I use my 2.2 million follower page to help grow my “flip” accounts because I can make it happen quickly. The goal in flipping is to be able to make sure that your profit out of the page is worth the time it took to get it to that point. Keep this in mind when you are looking to be in the “flipping” game. It should take you more than a few months at MOST to flip accounts. If it is taking you longer then that then you should shift your focus to building up your main page before worrying about the flipping game.




Big warning here for you as we wrap this up. Flipping houses and flipping Instagram accounts is not an easy business. There will be a lot of people who will try and take advantage of you or waste your time. It is important to know the warning signs of such people and not be caught in the middle of a bad deal. In my upcoming course I will teach you EXACTLY what these warning signs are, how to avoid them and how to respond to them. I will also as a FREE addition to the course give you a list of 5 reputable buyers who you can count on to be legitimate buyers.


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    1. Its actually very easy! Although it is time consuming! And I will be writing an article about how i do it so quickly today. I encourage you to read it and let me know what you think!

  1. Really enjoyed reading this. I actually flip houses – and figured flipping Instagram accounts could be interesting. This was the first article that came up in my Google search. Super helpful.

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