[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I have been asked these questions A LOT in the past few years. Why? Why create a company based around Instagram? Is your job even real? How can you make a full time living with Instagram? What happens if Instagram dies and is no longer a thing?


NOTHING is ever guaranteed.


I’ll start this conversation by answering the last part of the list of questions above. What happens if Instagram dies and is no longer a thing? My answer? Well that would suck! But really have no fear in losing what I love to do. Why? The creator of this incredible platform is a genius. An entrepreneurial icon, and the sole fact that he is the innovator who created it gives me all the faith in the world. I’m not worried at all.


I will phrase you with another question though. Isn’t the fear of “will this be a thing in five years” the same for EVERY company or new innovation? Wal-Mart could go into liquidation tomorrow for all we know. So why live in fear of the unknown? Why not just LIVE doing what we love and worry about such a thing when it actually happens?


I’ll say for one thing that of course I’m logical and realize that I should always have some sort of plan B when it comes to work, and trust me when I say that I have wrapped my brain around needing to always have a resume that is up to date. However, I won’t and don’t plan on ever having to rely on using it to find a job.


Is your job even real?


Perhaps the single most annoying question I have ever been asked. WHY people feel the need to question the integrity of my career is beyond me, but they do and I am sure that there will always be that one person regardless of how many years I’ve been in business or how much money I make. Gotta love them, though, right? These kinds of people are the ones who actually fuel my fire. Yes, I pay taxes like everyone else, and yes, I make REAL money that I can use to pay my mortgage!


Becoming an Instagram expert has taken me over four years and I am STILL learning. Literally every single day I feel like I read something new, learn a new trick or discover something else that I need to read up on. That’s the beauty of the job, in my opinion. Therefore, it is hard for me to hear people ask, “How do you make money just on Instagram? Isn’t it free?” Well they aren’t wrong that it is FREE to create one, but the time and effort it takes to grow it to where I have takes YEARS of time (and that’s worth a lot of $)! Not to mention that creating strategies and developing systems for clients to be able to translate and apply to their own work is highly valuable.


Just like any job, things get “easier” as you progress. Best part too is that if you are doing something that you love, it shouldn’t feel like a job at all.


So is my job real? Well DUH! I won’t even begin to get into the daily routine of my career, the moving parts that I face every single day, or the constant update that Instagram as a platform makes which ensures that I ALWAYS have to be on my toes.  Don’t believe me? Come spend a day in my house with me and you will see. Still don’t believe me? Ask my clients how overwhelmed they felt when I introduced the topic of monetizing their Instagram’s to them.


Why create a company around Instagram?


Wanna know why? Simply because I LOVE IT! Instagram represents a HUGE opportunity for me to have multiple income streams, create lasting relationships with people, network like crazy, and allow my creative juices to flow EVERY day. Who wouldn’t want that?


Being honest here, I was not the innovator of this concept of monetizing your Instagram page. Nor was the person who gave me the chance to learn about it. I am however, the creator of my own success. The money I have made over the past four years has been because of my dedication to growing my platform, learning the ropes of the app, and mastering the marketing behind engaging with people who are potential buyers. I have since developed new systems through my own trial and error, and have discovered more and more ways to educate others on how they too can find financial success with the app.


Berman Media PD, Inc focuses on EVERYTHING that is Instagram. The most exciting part for me to share is that the platform has allowed for me to create a company that can help pay it forward to other people. It’s not something that takes a Masters degree to figure out (although mine did help!).


Instagram itself is a platform that is FULL of chances and opportunity and when I was given the chance to see just how great it was, I was quick to jump on the train. Today I have made almost half a million dollars in less than four years and I pray that 2018 brings only bigger and better opportunities not only for myself but also for those who I have the blessed chance to impact through my work.


What’s next for me?


As with any career the goal is to grow and expand. For me that is no different. In 2018 I plan on launching a full 30 lesson, six module course that will help detail exactly how I have made my living the past four years. Every detail from how to grow an account from scratch, sell an ad to a large brand company on a themed account, or how to “flip” an account will be covered. If you are one of the “is this a real job” question askers then I suggest you take this course and see exactly why you are asking the WRONG question.


2018 is also a year I plan on focusing on my conference work. I am excited to begin to get chances to speak at conferences about my work as well as host seminars for small groups or corporations who are looking to leverage their accounts properly.


It’s going to be a fun year!


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