[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Instagram Advertising is a term we hear more and more everyday. Whether you are in a business meeting with your co-workers or standing in the line at Starbucks, you can be sure that at some point everyday you will probably hear the word Instagram. If you see it pop up on a person’s phone, or hear about it from a client who now wants to use the platform, it is up to you to be in a position of knowledge.


Now I have received a few questions about this and think it only appropriate to touch base on it.


Do you need an Instagram account in order to advertise on the platform?


The simple, and to the point answer is NO. You definitely do not need to have an actual Instagram account in order to promote something on the platform, but there are a few things that are a HUGE recommendation if you want to see results.


1) You MUST have a website URl.

a. As someone who has made over 6 figures in four years from selling on Instagram, I can tell you from firsthand experience that the companies who promote a product or a service that direct the viewers to an actual website do MUCH better. This could be something as simple as paying the influencer to put your website URL in the bio of their page for the duration of the time paid for.

b. People who are looking to buy things look for the source to be presented as an “expert” in their niche. The consumer will subliminally think less of your product if they don’t feel a sense of, “Wow, other people are really using this and liking it.”


2) If you have an app you are promoting, have a DIRECT link to your app in the App Store.

a. This is a big one. I have apps left and right that want to promote on the platform. It’s a great idea considering that the platform sees a huge portion of uses from the “millennial” generation of today. When you are choosing to promote an app, having a direct link to the app store will increase your conversion rate. Take out the middle step. Don’t have them go to a website, and then have to click a link to get them to the App Store. Make it extremely easy for the audience you are paying to view it and download it.


3) If you want to pay for ads directly through Instagram and not through an Influencer you must at least have a Facebook page.

a. If you do decide that you want to run an ad on Instagram through your Facebook page, there is a downside. You will not be able to respond to any comments that are left on your ad and what would be your “Instagram Handle” or @ will be grayed out and un-clickable. While this may not seem like a big deal initially, it could be a large deterrent to the potential customer.

b. Make sure when you set up your Instagram Ad through Facebook that you optimize your “Learn more” or “Shop now” button. This is a REALLY important button because you want it to link IMMEDIATELY back to what you are trying to get the audience to take action on.  (see example below).

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Ok, but really…..


There are some huge perks that Instagram can give you, but of course you would HAVE to have an account in order to take advantage of them!


1) Having an Instagram Account that the people who will see your ad can see is your first chance at a great impression on them.


2) Having an Instagram account allows you to post your website URL directly in the bio. Not only is this a good thing for conversions, but you can also direct the viewers to a SPECIFIC page. Put the website URL directly to your new “sale” item that you are trying to push, or to your newest blog post with a special offer in it. Or how about directing customers to sign up for your webinar or giveaway? These are all things that having an Instagram can do for you.


3) You can effectively get your ad in front of your target market through the use of a lot of things that we have talked about in other blog articles like 3 Ways To Change Your Failing Hashtags Into Powerful Growth Tools. Being able to take your targeted growth into your own hands on your Instagram allows you to really ensure your product gets in front of the right people.


So by now you should know why Instagram advertising is a good thing…..


Now, you should for sure realize the benefits of having an Instagram page when looking to advertise on the platform, but I again must emphasize that you DON’T have to have one to ensure that your ads are successful. In summary, I will leave you with these three things to make sure you walk away knowing and implementing….


1) When getting ready to promote, make sure that whatever you are promoting you have a DIRECT link to “purchase” or “participate.” This is SOOOO critical for better conversions.


2) Make sure when you are ready to actually start PAYING for ads that you read my blog article (insert : https://www.bermanmediapd.com/instagram-advertising-selling-instagram-ads/ ) and my other blog on how to know how much to PAY for ads based on page engagement.


3) Test and re-test before you actually go through with submitting payment to a big influencer or put $500 on a Facebook ad. Click all your links, make sure they go directly to where you need them to go, and make sure that the audience you are putting the ad in front of is the right one. Not every product or app is right for every type of person. That is OK!


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